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What if?

Your car refuses to start or breaks down? Even the most reliable of vehicles can let you down sometimes, therefore it is always worth thinking ahead, by covering against this risk.

Our Mechanical Breakdown Warranty from Customer Protect is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including labour, VAT and replacement parts. And when you consider that modern vehicles contain over 700 components, any of which might fail over time, the impact on your pocket could be painful. Why not let Customer Protect foot the repair bill instead? Just select the level of cover you require.


(Wear and Tear on vehicles up to 8 years old, or 80,000 miles)

Designed to help with the cost of repairs, our Gold Warranty benefits include:

  • All Mechanical and Electrical parts cover
  • Parts, labour and VAT
  • National repair network
  • 3 month to 3 year options available
  • Fast payment of valid claims
  • Transferable
  • Optional Recovery
  • Day one cover
  • Unlimited claims
  • Unlimited mileage


What is included?

This Agreement covers all mechanical and electrical parts (including labour to fit them), of the Vehicle against Mechanical Breakdown.


Oil Seals

Crankshaft front seal, camshaft oil seal, auxiliary shaft, oil seal, gearbox rear seal, drive shaft(s) seals and differential pinion seal. Also, any oil seal required on the engine or gearbox as part of a valid Mechanical Breakdown.

Working materials

Oils, oil filter and antifreeze are included only if it is essential to replace them as part of an agreed claim.


If any of the parts included fail and this damages the casings, they will also be included only as part of an agreed claim.

Air Conditioning System

In the event of a valid claim, maximum contribution to system re-gas is £45.00 inc VAT.


Parts excluded

Cracked or porous cylinder heads and blocks, burnt valves, carbon deposits and any skimming/pressure testing. Body, paint, glass, interior/exterior trim, entertainment/communication systems and connected equipment including satellite navigation. Catalytic converters, wheels, airbag and system, electrical wiring and wiring looms. Service items and other components subject to routine maintenance or periodic repair or replacement such as plugs, HT leads, brake frictional material, clutch facings, cables, wiper blades/rubbers, V belts, hoses, pipes, cables, light bulbs/units, tyres, batteries, exhaust systems. (Please ask for full terms and conditions).