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Customer Protect Assist Attended by the RAC

Breakdown Protection from the UK’s most experienced breakdown recovery provider

As the UK’s most experienced breakdown recovery provider, the RAC dedicated patrol network has been providing exceptional service to motorists like you for over 119 years. The RAC offers you more. The RAC assists in millions of breakdowns a year and their patrols repair vehicles on average within 30 minutes at the roadside. So if you need to call them, it won’t be long until you’re moving again. To enjoy worry-free motoring for up to three years, get protected with Customer Protect Assist attended by the RAC.

RAC Recovery
We’ll take you, up to seven passengers and your car to the nearest approved garage for repairs. If the car can’t be fixed or there is no garage nearby, they will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to seven passengers to be transported to a destination of your choice.
RAC At Home
An RAC Patrol will be despatched to your home address or within a 1/4 mile radius. Attempts will be made to repair your vehicle on the spot. If a repair is not possible they will transport your vehicle to the nearest approved repairing garage

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